What Mahira Khan Wore: Casio Watch

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I have been eyeing this retro gold Casio watch for awhile now but I have never seen people pull it off well. However, I loved the watch on Mahira Khan on the January 18th episode of Tuc the Lighter Side of Life. Firstly, I liked the black detail around the dial. Secondly, the watch went well with the gold bangles she had on. Lastly, the gold watch stood out well with the red suit Mahira wore.

The watch is for $102.31 Canadian dollars and is unisex. I am so tempted to buy it! You can click here for more details on the watch.

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What Mahira Khan Wore: Elan

Tuc The Lighter Side of Life is not one my favourite talk shows but I tune in every week just to see what Mahira Khan is wearing. Each week Mahira Khan has a different look and each week she looks absolutely stunning. On the recent episode with Talat Hussain, I loved the Elan Moroccan Cruise outfit that Mahira Khan was wearing.

1511181_384679091678864_1531268326_n 1522046_382520208561419_336260559_n

The pale yellow shirt has silver thread embroidery, which is so fabulous. I love the details on the cuffs.


This lovely outfit is for $424 on Labels e-store. Click here for more details. 


After what seems like ages, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a telefilm. I have been dying to watch Ghoonghat for quite some time and kept searching online for it but could not find it. I finally saw Mehreen Jabbar post it on her Facebook page and lo and behold, it was Desi Rants and Raves who had uploaded it to YouTube. Thank you so much SZ for it!

Although this version is without music and fancy editing, you will not miss a thing. It is superb and a delight to watch! Aside from the stellar performances, I just wanted to say that Mansha Pasha is gorgeous mashallah!


Quality, Not Quantity.

I have been so frustrated lately. Ever since all the good dramas ended, I have not been able to find my drama groove. What’s my drama groove? It is when I have my dramas set for each day of the week. The dramas I actually look forward to and follow religiously.

Here is a visual representation of my frustration and it is also what prompted me to write this post today (which is in addition to the request by SZ of Desi Rants and Raves):

(Page 1)


My go to website for dramas is Dramas Online. I prefer this website because I can browse through the dramas by date and I really find the small images helpful. In the sea of Pakistani dramas out there, how does one decide which ones to watch? I have many pre-set biases and stereotypes about drama channels, actors/actresses, drama titles and directors, which I am not ashamed of. I usually know which dramas are worth my time and which ones are not.

Here’s a breakdown on my thought process as I browse through the drama titles and images:

- Channels

- ARY: Their dramas are usually very gharelu. The actors are usually 40+.

- Geo: In my opinion, Geo stopped making good dramas ages ago.

- HUM: This is usually my go to channel. Lots of hits and misses.

- Express, A-Plus, etc: I give these channels a chance once in awhile because sometimes they have surprisingly decent dramas. I am currently enjoying Aunn Zara on A-Plus.

- Actors/Actresses

- There is now a distinction between soap actors/actresses and serial actors/actresses. Since I do not enjoy soaps at all, this distinction helps me greatly in making my decision.

- Directors/Producers

- My usual go to directors are Mehreen Jabbar, Haissam Hussain, Sarmad Khoosat and a few others. I have noticed that no matter how good the writer of the drama may be, it is ultimately up to the director to either make it a masterpiece or a disappointment. This is why I am pretty open minded when it comes to writers.

- Other deciding factors:

- I do not watch foreign dramas. No plans on trying Turkish dramas anytime in the near future.

- I despise sitcoms.

- I am tired of roti dhoti auraton walay dramas and also dramas about evil sisters.

Please see below the continuation of the elimination process that I did today:

(Page 2)


Can you now tell why I have been so frustrated? After browsing through all those dramas, I decided to watch ONE of them and even that one wasn’t impressive. Gahhh!!

We need quality dramas. The quantity of dramas doesn’t matter or at least to me it doesn’t!

Anyone have any suggestions of how to get rid of this frustration?

Workout Dramas


I recently joined the gym again and the hardest thing is to pass the time while working out! I want to workout for at least 40 minutes each day. I decided that watching Pakistani dramas is the best way to kill time. Since I have significantly cut down on watching dramas, I am having trouble finding decent dramas to watch. I need something to watch every day of the week but so far I am only happy with my choices for Thursdays and Fridays.

I am finding myself watching the most bakwaas stuff out of desperation! Sometimes the dramas are so bad that I find myself staring at the exercise machine and the ‘time elapsed’ monitor more.

Here’s what I watch/watched:

Monday- I regretfully watched Happily Married this week. It was a pain to watch…

Tuesday- Difficult day to find a drama. I watched Adhoori Aurat yesterday (very ‘meh’ sorta drama).

Wednesday- Uhhh..trying out Ullu Baraaye Farokt Nahin today

Thursday- Silvatein (fun drama to watch with lots of twists)

Friday- Zindagi Gulzar Hai (time flies when I watch this)

Saturday- Dil E Muztar (decent enough to pass time)

Sunday- Mere Harjai (watched one episode and wanted to kill myself after)

I desperately need help finding something good to watch Monday-Wednesday & Sunday. I haven’t given Rehaii a try yet because it seems too depressing but I may give it a try. Anything is better than a sitcom!

Happily Married

I am the last person on this planet to watch sitcoms but somehow I ended up watching the first episode of Happily Married. There was one scene from this episode that I particularly enjoyed: the one with the maulvi sahab.

The maulvi sahab was quite the character. He started off with scolding the couple for being clueless about the requirement of witnesses for a nikkah. It didn’t help much that Mikaal knew the whole saat pharay thing and the mantar but not much about his own religion. The maulvi sahab then brought up Turkish dramas, declined to do the nikkah without payment, mentioned angry, young man and finished off by saying “Ja Simran Ja, jee lay apni zindagi”.


Love Triangles


We have all been watching the promos for Dil-E-Muztar on Hum Tv, which will be starting next weekend. There is a striking similarity between the promotional pictures of Dil-E-Muztar and those belonging to 90% of other urdu dramas. These promotional pictures, right from the get go, establish a love triangle. 

Take a look for yourself:



I am not saying that stories based on love triangles aren’t good. But one can only bear so much of these stories before getting bored of the same old, same old. It’s almost always two girls fighting and scheming to get one guy. Writers, lets bring some variety in our stories. And no, I don’t want to see love rectangles, pentagons or octagons. 



Ice Cream

This weekend I made homemade strawberry ice cream in our new fancy shamncy blender. Not only did the ice cream turn out delicious but it reminded me of Khirad from Humsafar. Remember the scene from episode 6 where Khirad orders strawberry ice cream? After taking a bite, she noticed the mint leaf garnish and seemed quite baffled by it. I found that to be très adorable!

Here is my version of strawberry ice cream which I also garnished with a mint leaf to bring back Humsafar memories:

Ice Cream

Khirad’s reaction:


I feel like Humsafar is becoming one of those serials that we will keep referring back to from time to time for one for reason or another. Whether it is used as a benchmark when talking about other serials, or when discussing how much Mahira Khan has grown as an actress or how Ashar was the most charming man on the planet, Humsafar remains very much alive in all of us.

I’ll end with the clip from this scene. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday: Ainak Wala Jin


Who grew up watching this show in Pakistan in their bachpan? I know I sure did. My sister and I used to love Ainak Wala Jin! Written by the late Abdul Hameed and directed by Hafeez Tahir, Ainak Wala Jin was produced and broadcasted by PTV in 1993.  Nastoor Jin, Bil Batori, and Zakoota Jin were common names at our house. It was a such a great concept and I have to say the special effects were pretty good for that age and time.

How adorable are Imran and Moattar? Child actors in our puranay dramay used to act so well. I found it hilarious that Nastoor Jin’s weird appearance was explained by saying that he was from Africa (LOL!).

Who remembers Bil Batori and her “Bil batori, naasa chauri, aadhi meethi, aadhi kori. I am sorry, I am sorry.” My sister and I often find ourselves saying this dialogue. Another dialogue we commonly remember is “Ullu ullu hello ullu ullu hello.  Assi chaar so bees, assi nou do giyara“.

Someone bring back the good old days!

P.S. I am Ainak Wali Nadia incase anyone was interested to know. Most days, however, I am Contact Lens Wali Nadia.